Yumiko Fujimoto


Yumiko is VetPrac’s very own workshop assistant and has been with the team for over 4 years. Let me tell you something, this girl means business! Yumiko has a Diploma of Business Management, a B.A. English and a certificate in business….and when she’s not helping out the VetPrac team, she is a full-time mother of 2 boys and 2 pups (a 10 year old Aussie bulldog and a 5 year old Rottweiler).


In addition, Yumiko brings a lot of life experiences to VetPrac. She has been an administration manager, a Personal Assistant to a director, an Export Sales manager, a bookkeeper and a translator! This impressive list, along with her warm personality is what makes her a special member and keeps the planning of the workshops running so smoothly.


Yumiko feels like she’s a bit of a serious cast but if you’re fortunate enough….you’ll see she’s got a cheeky side that we adore. Yumiko says “sometimes I can’t stop myself from being adventurous and do things that surprise the people around me”. That’s probably why she fits in so well with the VetPrac team!


Although VetPrac is based in Brisbane, Yumiko states” our team members work from all over the world which sometimes makes it difficult to have a face-to-face meetings; however, we have a concrete and effective system which enables us to work remotely so well that we can even do our work on the beach, which is wonderful!”. She also expresses that she really enjoys working with Ilana who is very passionate about what she does and the rest of the VetPrac team members who share her passion.


Well, Yumiko, we are “seriously” happy that you are part of the team and can’t thank you enough for all the hard “workshop” that you do for us.


To contact Yumiko, please email her at: youandi@vetprac.com