Tyng is a bit of a mystery to all of us and we are not quite sure what his actual “position” is a VetPrac, but he has been helping the team out in all different ways since 2015.  Don’t let him fool you (because he’s a bit of a jokester at times) but he is seriously funny!  He is a certified vet nurse by trade and when he’s not working for us, you may find him working his way around Sydney doing locum work or he may be hiding behind the computer writing up something for other clinics/companies in the veterinary community.


His experience varies, and although he thinks he is quite “experienced at being clinical and sarcastic”, we believe he has so much more to offer which is why he fits in so well with the VetPrac team.  Tyng says when he’s not “avoiding Ilana’s wrath”, he enjoys “working with a close knit group of people” which is something all of us value about the VetPrac team as well.


One of Tygn’s favourite quotes is “it’s not a tumour”!…Now, we don’t really know if it’s because he’s so passionate about medicine and oncology, but we have a sneaky suspicion that he has a soft spot for Arnold instead.  On his downtime you may find him enjoying his favourite book “The silence of the lambs” or he may be trying to figure out how to turn water into alcohol.  Also, we had to have a chuckle, when asked what he wants to do before he dies, his response was “dying”….We didn’t take you for a literal person Tyng!


Whatever your role is here at VetPrac, we appreciate all your hard work and we find you very “humerus”!


To contact Tyng, please email him at: we.help@vetprac.com