Roslyn Sheen

After 17 years working in the floristry industry Roslyn did a complete back flip and decided to embark on a surprising new career path.

In early 2015 Roslyn took over the Bookkeeping role of her family business, so she could be more involved with the finances, and quickly realised that she would be over her head if she didn’t educate herself further. So by mid 2016 Roslyn had completed her Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and in August 2018 she joined the VetPrac family as the bookkeeper extraordinaire.

As a creative thinker, and always up for a challenge, Roslyn keeps all the VetPrac books in order and has come to understand the unique construct that is the veterinary industry. Roslyn aims to work with you so that you’re able to attend our workshops.

She is not only a wife but a mother to two beautiful kids and enjoys a little snow chasing when the cooler months arrive.