Mojgan Nazari


Many of you might recognize Dr. Nazari’s charming smile as she works her magic hosting many of our VetPrac workshops.  She is quite the academic and brings a lot of knowledge to the team being a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and having a Masters in Veterinary Science (MVSc). She also has more than a handful of publications and has a presented throughout Australia.  To add this already impressive list, outside of VetPrac Dr. Nazari is currently working on her PhD in medicine!


Mojgan’s hard work has certainly paid off and she has a lot of life experiences (and stories) to share with the VetPrac team!  She has been a former business manager, veterinarian, product manager and now a researcher.  Is there anything that she can’t do?


In saying that, it doesn’t surprise us that one of her favourite books is any of the Merck Manuals.  Also, if she were to have any power in the world, it would be to learn fast!….Mojgan, we are almost convinced that you already have that power, or are close to having it!


Although Dr. Nazari has some serious time constraints and a tight schedule, she somehow always finds time for us.  Mojgan states “meeting new participants and making friends” is what she enjoys most about VetPrac.


We admire Mojgan’s playfully professional attitude and drive and look forward to seeing her soon at the upcoming VetPrac workshops!


To contact Dr. Mojgan Nazari, please email her at: