Makiko (Maki)


Maki has a Bachelor of Arts degree and is VetPrac’s very talented bookkeeper.  She has been with us for about a year and when she’s not balancing the budget, she is chasing around her very handsome 2 year old son and is the very proud mother to her two 5 year old fur babies (Jackson and Belle)!


She has a wonderful past and brings a large amount of experience to the VetPrac team.  Not only has she been bookkeeping for about 3.5 years, she can also get you places (having been a travel agent for almost 10 years) and she can keep you in line at the office….She was once an office administrator!  Is there anything she can’t do??


One of the things that the VetPrac team adores about Maki is her fun loving attitude and her graciously polite emails!  Maki states “I feel fortunate being surrounded by such a wonderful boss and colleagues”. I feel that I can speak for us all when I say that we feel the same! Although she feels that sometimes her time management is a challenge, we beg to differ because Maki can always get the job done!


She has many superstitions, and one of her favourite quotes is “practice makes perfect!” Also, if she could have one superhero power it would be to have an “Anywhere door”- A door which can take us to anywhere we want just like the one from a Japanese animation called “Doraemon”….That would certainly make travel a whole lot easier!


When she does get some downtime, she enjoys a good crime novel.  One of her favourite ones is “The Master of the Game” by Sidney Sheldon or “Devotion of Suspect” by Keigo Higashino.  Also, one day she hopes to build her dream home and travel around the world!  Well, we hope that somehow working for VetPrac can help make those dreams come true.


Maki states “I believe laughing is one of the major medicines for us to stay healthy – I am looking forward to sharing a lot of laughs with everyone”….and that is certainly something worth sharing with our VetPrac community.


To contact Maki, please email her at: