Jess Taylor


Meet Jess….

Whether it’s organising the workshops, working in the warehouse, being the women behind the computer, or sorting out whatever needs to be done…Jess is on it as Ilana’s personal assistant.

She is no stranger to the veterinary world. Jess once worked for the RSPCA and was also living at an after-hours clinic taking care of all the hospitalised patients overnight until she recently found another place to call home. When she’s not working for the VetPrac team….Or cuddling cute kittens, Jess is now well on her way to becoming a veterinary nurse as she is currently undertaking the Cert IV Veterinary nursing program.

She has a bit of a talented side to her and a couple party tricks up her sleeve including being able to lick her elbow (pun intended)! Also she openly admits to being a self-proclaimed cat lady, even though she only owns ONE of the most beautiful manx cats in the entire world, Ruben. It made me wonder….how many cats does one need to have in order to be a crazy cat lady? We would love to hear your answers.

Working for VetPrac has opened a lot of different opportunities for her outside the nursing world. Some of which include “working with and learning from some of the most amazing practitioners in Australia and worldwide “ says Jess. When the workshops are up and running, it’s Jess’s busiest time of the year! Even at her busiest time, we couldn’t appreciate her calm, collective and very humorous personality which is why Jess and Ilana are a great team!

When Jess is winding down, she may decide to pick up her favourite book “Smoke and Mirrors” by Neil Gaiman or she may be planning her future vacation to free dive with the sharks off Cape Town.….Oh, and did we mention that she really likes cats??

Well Jess, we don’t have many cats for you to play with, but we do think you’re a Purrr-fect fit and couldn’t be happier to have you as part of the team.

To contact Jess please email her at: