Ingela Furustig

Ingela brings to VetPrac her enormous creative talent, which began by teaching herself fashion photography in high school. Since then Ingela has been working with people in the fashion industry for many years putting together campaigns and editorials in her spare time. She still works in that area, running her own business as a freelance fashion photographer. Her experience in the fashion industry is not limited to Australia! Prior to Ingela commencing her degree at QUT she held the role of art director and staff photographer for 4 years for a printed magazine called Zeum, which was published and distributed across London. So VetPrac can claim to have a truly international fashion photographer as part of the team!


Shortly after commencing work with VetPrac as our media and marketing co-ordinator in 2017, Ingela graduated from QUT (Queensland University of Technology) with a Bachelor of Creative Industries, with a major in Fashion Communication and minor in Graphic Design and Marketing.


You might be wondering why a true fashionista is working in the veterinary industry? Vets are not renowned for their high fashion sense, and glamorous trend setting attire doesn’t usually cut it while vets perform surgery or other choice procedures such as enemas! Ingela says that she loves being part of VetPrac because it gives her an opportunity to think outside the box and come up with new and creative ideas. She also thoroughly enjoys collecting cute dog videos to post on our facebook, and is definitely a dog person, despite going to school and being best mates with our Jess, a definite cat lady. She has a beautiful dog called Candi who is the happiest thing in the world and she’s basically Ingela’s little child. I’m guessing Ingela would have taken many cute photos of Candi, maybe some dressed in fashionable attire? Watch out for the cute dog photos and videos she’s produced or collected!


To contact Ingela, please email her at: