Amy Dahl

VetPrac welcomed Amy to the team in June 2018. Amy is yet another VetPrac team member who has a passion for all things Japanese, having studied Japanese at school and university, and travelled there many times through language programmes at school and to visit extended family. Amy is also a very talented musician and has been a member of the Australian Girls’ choir. She also plays the piano and the trumpet, but her number one musical passion is singing, so if you hear any dulcet tones during a workshop, they are likely to be coming from Amy.

After working for several years in her family’s printing and manufacturing business, and starting a BA majoring in linguistics, Amy has realised her true calling is in animal health and welfare. She has volunteered at the RSPCA for over 2 years and commenced an online course in Animal Studies. Amy adopted 2 elderly Staffy X Rottweiler dogs, Dougie and Fugsey, from the RSPCA when they were both 12 years of age. They are quite famous (or should we say infamous?) and appear on the RSPCA Qld you tube page. Despite their advanced years, and the fact that Dougie is blind, they still get up to mischief on a regular basis! When they aren’t play wrestling each other, they are proficient escape artists. Fugsey will spot a weakness in the fence, point Dougie (the muscles) towards it, and they go on adventures together (much to Amy’s concern).

To contact Amy, please email her at: