Amanda-Lee Charman


Dr. Amanada-Lee Charman is one of VetPrac’s casual facilitators and has been a loyal team member for the last 8 years. She is a true leader in so many ways!  Not only is she a full-time veterinarian at a small animal clinic in Canberra, she is also currently completing a Masters in Veterinary Medicine through Massy University. Amanda-Lee casually teaches undergraduate vet students, Les Mills classes, Body attack for the gym goers…..oh yeah, did I mention that she is also the ACT AVA president 2016 and 2017!  Where does she find the energy to do it all?


It seems like Amanda-Lee has always had a bit of a busy lifestyle though. She has successfully completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and a Bachelor of Veterinary Science graduating with honours.  She also has 5 years of mixed practice, emergency and small animal experience that she bring to the VetPrac team.  In the midst of all this, she also found time to co-author a manuscript in 2014.


As you probably can tell by now, Dr Charman has her hands in pretty much everything… including owning a pig!  Charlie the pig gives Amanda-Lee a different sense of adventure, especially when she needs to sedate him to tip his tusks and give him a pedicure.  In addition to this, she also has time to snuggle her very handsome bull mastiff “Bruno”.


When asked what she enjoys about VetPrac, Amanda-Lee states “I have a passion for learning and Vetprac is all about learning!  My passion lies with helping other people learn, succeed and enjoy the process of mastering a new skill and reaching a new level of achievement. Whether that is pushing your fitness level in the gym room, learning how hyperthyroid is associated with retinal detachment with students in the classroom, or facilitating a workshop where participants get excited about finding the adrenal glands on ultrasound, being to be part of that process is very rewarding and exciting”.


Although she has already accomplished so much, Dr. Charman says if she could have any power in the world it would be to pause time “so I could fit everything I want to do into one lifetime”. Well Amanda-Lee….we think that you may already do have that power!  Also, in August this year she is planning on fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams to swim with the pigs in the Bahamas, we look forward to the photos!


To contact Amanda-Lee, please email her at: