Amy Dahl

VetPrac welcomed Amy to the team in June 2018. Amy is yet another VetPrac team member who has a passion for all things Japanese, having studied Japanese at school and university, and travelled there many times through language programmes at school and to visit extended family. Amy is also a very talented musician and has been a member of the Australian Girls’ choir. She also plays the piano and the trumpet, but her number one musical passion is singing, so if you hear any dulcet tones during a workshop, they are likely to be coming from Amy.

After working for several years in her family’s printing and manufacturing business, and starting a BA majoring in linguistics, Amy has realised her true calling is in animal health and welfare. She has volunteered at the RSPCA for over 2 years and commenced an online course in Animal Studies. Amy adopted 2 elderly Staffy X Rottweiler dogs, Dougie and Fugsey, from the RSPCA when they were both 12 years of age. They are quite famous (or should we say infamous?) and appear on the RSPCA Qld you tube page. Despite their advanced years, and the fact that Dougie is blind, they still get up to mischief on a regular basis! When they aren’t play wrestling each other, they are proficient escape artists. Fugsey will spot a weakness in the fence, point Dougie (the muscles) towards it, and they go on adventures together (much to Amy’s concern).

To contact Amy, please email her at:

Samantha Young – Corporate Travel Agent

Samantha is here to help those attending Vetprac workshops book your flights, accommodation and travel in major cities to save yourself the trouble of doing it yourself.


Samantha has worked with Flight Centre Travel Group for 7 years, Starting as a Leisure Consultant in Flight Centre brand for 3 years and then moving into a Ticketing Role and have recently moved across to Corporate Traveller. Samantha is passionate about providing great travel experience, she provides professional, quality service and understands the needs of the corporate Traveller and is 100% focused on customer service with a high attention to details. Samantha has done extensive travel of my own and her favourite place is Hawaii


Booking with Corporate Traveller offers significant savings over retail/online services.


Booking fee: $27.50 booking fee (inclusive of GST)
Phone: 07 3083 4010

Ingela Furustig

Ingela brings to VetPrac her enormous creative talent, which began by teaching herself fashion photography in high school. Since then Ingela has been working with people in the fashion industry for many years putting together campaigns and editorials in her spare time. She still works in that area, running her own business as a freelance fashion photographer. Her experience in the fashion industry is not limited to Australia! Prior to Ingela commencing her degree at QUT she held the role of art director and staff photographer for 4 years for a printed magazine called Zeum, which was published and distributed across London. So VetPrac can claim to have a truly international fashion photographer as part of the team!


Shortly after commencing work with VetPrac as our media and marketing co-ordinator in 2017, Ingela graduated from QUT (Queensland University of Technology) with a Bachelor of Creative Industries, with a major in Fashion Communication and minor in Graphic Design and Marketing.


You might be wondering why a true fashionista is working in the veterinary industry? Vets are not renowned for their high fashion sense, and glamorous trend setting attire doesn’t usually cut it while vets perform surgery or other choice procedures such as enemas! Ingela says that she loves being part of VetPrac because it gives her an opportunity to think outside the box and come up with new and creative ideas. She also thoroughly enjoys collecting cute dog videos to post on our facebook, and is definitely a dog person, despite going to school and being best mates with our Jess, a definite cat lady. She has a beautiful dog called Candi who is the happiest thing in the world and she’s basically Ingela’s little child. I’m guessing Ingela would have taken many cute photos of Candi, maybe some dressed in fashionable attire? Watch out for the cute dog photos and videos she’s produced or collected!


To contact Ingela, please email her at:

Janine Irwin

Since joining VetPrac in 2017, Janine has been using her very well practiced skills in team work and efficiency, and her experience working as a Veterinary Technician, to plan and facilitate our workshops. The team at VetPrac is constantly amazed at how much Janine can fit into 24 hours. Despite having 4 children between the ages of 11 and 3, Janine still has time to be a group training officer for the State Emergency Service; Janine has volunteered for SES since her teenage years. She has been on the Committee for Relay for Life in Ipswich for 3 years and undertook the role of MC for the 2018 edition of the event, which raised $85,000.


Over the years Janine’s tireless volunteer efforts have been acknowledged with numerous awards, including a Community Leadership Award, Queensland youth alliance awards 2006, and a Flood Citation for volunteer assistance with S.E.S during the floods in the Ipswich area 2011.


Janine even has time to bake many tasty snacks that the VetPrac team enjoy at meetings! She enjoys escaping with her family to camp off the grid in their 1978 Jayco pop up camper, which (of course) they renovated themselves. Only someone with Janine’s superb planning and time management skills could find a weekend with no work and no kids hockey to organize such trips away!


We can rely on Janine to keep the VetPrac workshops running to schedule, in her cool, calm and collected manner, and, in the case of an emergency, we all know who to call first!


To contact Janine, please email her at:


Tyng is a bit of a mystery to all of us and we are not quite sure what his actual “position” is a VetPrac, but he has been helping the team out in all different ways since 2015.  Don’t let him fool you (because he’s a bit of a jokester at times) but he is seriously funny!  He is a certified vet nurse by trade and when he’s not working for us, you may find him working his way around Sydney doing locum work or he may be hiding behind the computer writing up something for other clinics/companies in the veterinary community.


His experience varies, and although he thinks he is quite “experienced at being clinical and sarcastic”, we believe he has so much more to offer which is why he fits in so well with the VetPrac team.  Tyng says when he’s not “avoiding Ilana’s wrath”, he enjoys “working with a close knit group of people” which is something all of us value about the VetPrac team as well.


One of Tygn’s favourite quotes is “it’s not a tumour”!…Now, we don’t really know if it’s because he’s so passionate about medicine and oncology, but we have a sneaky suspicion that he has a soft spot for Arnold instead.  On his downtime you may find him enjoying his favourite book “The silence of the lambs” or he may be trying to figure out how to turn water into alcohol.  Also, we had to have a chuckle, when asked what he wants to do before he dies, his response was “dying”….We didn’t take you for a literal person Tyng!


Whatever your role is here at VetPrac, we appreciate all your hard work and we find you very “humerus”!


To contact Tyng, please email him at:

Mojgan Nazari

Many of you might recognize Dr. Nazari’s charming smile as she works her magic hosting many of our VetPrac workshops.  She is quite the academic and brings a lot of knowledge to the team being a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and having a Masters in Veterinary Science (MVSc). She also has more than a handful of publications and has a presented throughout Australia.  To add this already impressive list, outside of VetPrac Dr. Nazari is currently working on her PhD in medicine!


Mojgan’s hard work has certainly paid off and she has a lot of life experiences (and stories) to share with the VetPrac team!  She has been a former business manager, veterinarian, product manager and now a researcher.  Is there anything that she can’t do?


In saying that, it doesn’t surprise us that one of her favourite books is any of the Merck Manuals.  Also, if she were to have any power in the world, it would be to learn fast!….Mojgan, we are almost convinced that you already have that power, or are close to having it!


Although Dr. Nazari has some serious time constraints and a tight schedule, she somehow always finds time for us.  Mojgan states “meeting new participants and making friends” is what she enjoys most about VetPrac.


We admire Mojgan’s playfully professional attitude and drive and look forward to seeing her soon at the upcoming VetPrac workshops!


To contact Dr. Mojgan Nazari, please email her at:

Ilana Mendels

Dr Ilana Mendels isn’t just another animal advocate with the talent to excel in the veterinary community.


Ilana has a background in informal education and a certificate for youth leaders from abroad. She was the national head of education and leadership for her youth movement while studying at The University of Sydney. In 2003, Ilana was in mixed practice with Dr John Dooley in Wingham, NSW. Known as one of the finest truly mixed practitioners, she gleaned skills and wisdom which stay with her today. While on the mid-north coast she defibrillated the local branch of the AVA with a regular “cases with cakes” evening and some dinners in Port Macquarie, NSW, which brought people together and introduced new ideas such as the effects of eicosapentaenoic acid in canine nutrigenomics.


To further improve her skills, Ilana returned to Sydney as the surgical intern of Dr Tony Black, Dr Bruce Smith and Dr Steve Fearnside. She also wrote a program for new graduate support during this time, bringing together financial, counselling and legal advisers to assist young vets with life changing decisions. Some of those who attended still keep in touch with Ilana and she is a proud mentor for their success.


Driven by adventure and ambition, Ilana then travelled to England as a locum.


Throughout her experiences, Dr Mendels became aware of the “isolation” a vet can feel, particularly in a rural community, when things get busy or times get tough. Known for her optimistic outlook she is an advocate of “A valuable and honourable profession” with some ridiculous and hysterical moments. This monism towards a supportive profession drives every decision of her veterinary career.


In September 2009, Dr Mendels founded VetPrac to meet the professional and social needs of registered veterinary surgeons interested in provided quality services to their clients. VetPrac workshops have provided practical training for over 300 vets.


Check out photos and reviews from our previous workshops here.


In her spare time, Ilana enjoys time with friends, yoga, horse-riding, dancing, and baking. She occasionally escapes the mayhem of work to catch some rays on Bondi Beach or sip an apple & sage martini at the local jazz club. One day she hopes to travel to India to see the Vets Beyond Borders Clinic’s which are supported by VetPrac charity auctions.


Link-In with Ilana here and continue the dialogue that bridges the gap between learning and doing. Or to learn more about Ilana read the famous Small Animal Talk Blog she was interviewed for here.

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