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Planes, Trains and Automobiles… Or is it….

No, not the movie and I promise John Candy won’t be sharing his stories today. This is simply a helping hand from VetPrac to make your travels a little less stressful.

A few weeks ago, as I was traveling on other business, I had the opportunity to test out the travel routes to our upcoming Navigating Difficult Clinical Encounters Conference. Having never been a city girl, coming to Sydney for

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Dr Tania Banks at Wagga Wagga CSU

Last time we featured Dr Tania Banks in our VetPrac blog she was about to relocate from UQ in Gatton to CSU in Wagga Wagga, rural NSW. Let’s hear from Tania about how life and work have changed since the move.

You were looking forward to living close to the gym and being able to ride your bike to work. What other aspects of life in Wagga Wagga are you

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An update from IM3 Prize winner Marjorie Ting

In 2014 Majorie Ting won the VetPrac IM3 Prize. We decided to get back in touch with new grad Majorie to see what she has been up to since graduating.

Are you working in practice?



I’m working at Greencross Coogee-Maroubra, a small animal clinic just south of

the Sydney CBD.

What’s it like?

It’s been so much fun to finally take the skills and knowledge from uni out into the real world and start treating

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Perfecting your pillow time

*Originally featured in the the black magazine

Good quality sleep is probably one of the most essential requirements to achieving good health along with regular exercise and healthy nutritious diet. Our sleep wake cycle, circadian rhythm, is ingrained in our human function and is driven by hormones namely cortisol and melatonin that cycle at different levels throughout the day and night.

It can often be difficult to fit in everyday activities

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How do you get out of a rut?

Dear Colleagues,

Sometimes the world just seems to churn along… nothing interesting happening, nothing being created or destroyed. Life at work just seems to be. And we feel like we’re in a bit of a rut.If you find yourself feeling this way, I would strongly recommend learning something new. The best cure for apathy and boredom is curiosity.

And the best thing to be curious about is what ever you want.


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How many brachycephalic patients do you have?

Dear Colleagues
Don’t you wish you could help them breath better?
How many consults involve an ear issue”?

Don’t you wish you could alleviate the severely chronic diseased patients from their pain and pruritis?

How many times do you think a feeding tube would be beneficial?

Don’t you wish you felt really confident applying one in any situation?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could improve the breathing capacity of your patients by 30% with a

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Meet Dr Charles Kuntz

Charles graduated from the University of Florida in 1990. He did an internship at the AMC in New York City and completed a residency and Master’s degree in surgery at Virginia Tech in 1994, achieving specialty board certification in surgery in 1996. Charles did a one year fellowship in cardiovascular research and surgery and then a fellowship in surgical oncology at Colorado State University. Dr Kunz was then professor

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VetTips: Equine Nerve Blocks & Lameness

Tip 1:

Signalment influences differential diagnosis in equine lameness. For example a common clinical presentation is proximal metacarpal pain but the causes often differ if the patient is a sports horse or racehorse. In a racehorse the primary suspicion may be primary suspensory desmitis, while in a racehorse and avulsion fracture is higher up the differential list.

Tip 2:

The calcaneal bursa ACTUALLY has two components!

1: A bursa underneath the gastroc tendon

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Special Announcement

We are very excited to include Animal Behaviour Specialist and World Leader in Veterinary Behaviour Dr Kersti Seksel as a supporting tutor to Dr Tracey Henderson and Tracy Bache in the November Safe Animal Behaviour and Handling Workshop in Adelaide, South Australia.

Being held on Friday November 6th and Saturday Novermber 7th, there will be an opportunity to spend Sunday exploring the McLaren Vale Wineries for anyone who wishes to

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Behind the scenes with VetPrac

Dear Colleagues

I wanted to take you behind the scenes of a VetPrac workshop, so I can give you an idea of what it’s really like!

VetPrac workshops are known for being boutique, hands on and social. Delicious dinners – plus our awesome cupcakes AND the occasional massage, make them really special!

Take a look at some of the images below:-

Hands on experience!

Surgical Wound Management class of 2014 – learning from the best!


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