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VetTips: Wound Management Workshop Tips

Tip 1:

The integument is one of the largest body organs, comprising approximately 12% of an adult dog’s body weight. The viscoelastic properties of skin are determined by the combination of its fluid viscosity and the elastic properties of the dermal proteins; collagenous, reticular and elastic fibres (Pavletic, 2003). These dermal fibres are surrounded by a mucopolysaccharide ground substance made up of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfuric acid.

Tip 2:

Understanding Wound

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VetTips: Dental Radiology Part One

Tip 1: Dental X-Ray Machines

You don’t need a special machine! but you will need to work out a chart of settings. A starting point might be: kVp of 65 (small/toy breed dog and cats), 70 (15kg dog), 75 (25kg dog) and 85 (large breed dogs), mA of 100. Time depends on the film used, of course. If you are using standard cassettes, a time of 0.05 seconds is required,

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Meet Dr Penny Tisdall – VetPrac Education Leader

Dr Penny Tisdall
Qualifications: BSc (Vet) BVSc MVetClinStuds FANZCVS

Position/ Specialty: Specialist in Small Animal Surgery and Senior lecturer in Small Animal Surgery at University Of Adelaide

Penny graduated in 1994 and spent 3 years in private practice before starting a residency in Small Animal Surgery at the University of Sydney that was completed in 2000. Since this Penny has been in private referral surgical and specialist practice, and locum surgical practice including positions

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On the job training…..a good idea?

Less than two years into my veterinary career, I found myself the Practice Principal of a busy, sole charge practice. The experience was invaluable. I found myself managing a busy caseload and a small team of support staff when I was barely in my mid 20’s and I thrived on it. The downside was that while more senior veterinarians were just a phone call away, for the most part

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