Practical Veterinary Courses

The field of veterinary science is always evolving and changing as our knowledge of animal health expands. With this being the case, it is important for industry professionals to keep up to date with the latest research advancements – whether it be in relation to surgery, diagnosing problems or general animal husbandry. For veterinarians, courses such as the ones we offer are ideal, as they are taught via a practical, hands-on approach.


Being hands-on, our workshops aim to develop practical veterinary skills that participants carry with them for life. Our veterinary up-skill courses are led by professionals who are true experts in their area of expertise, ensuring you receive the best tuition possible. Our vet courses are designed to improve the skills of practicing vets, thereby improving the general standards of Australasia’s veterinary community.


Our practical workshops cover a broad range of different topics, therefore suiting professionals specialising in either large or small animal care, as well as those who focus on a particular animal. We have run workshops that cover everything from diagnosing equine lameness issues through to rabbit surgery and dentistry – and we are constantly offering new courses as breakthroughs in research come to light. We also have a number of popular courses that cover essential skills – and these are run repeatedly.


As a professional vet, hands-on learning is the best way to develop your level of knowledge and further your career. When it comes to veterinary up-skill courses, VetPrac is your number one education provider. For more information regarding our current workshops, click here.