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Dr Stanley Kim Turning Fearsome Fiddly Surgery Enjoyable

Does the surgical repair of an antebrachial fracture in a Chihuahua fill you with fear? Dr Stanley Kim, a Sydney graduate who’s been part of the furniture for 12 years at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida, can turn that fear into fun and make that fearsome fiddly surgery enjoyable!

Like many vets, Dr Stanley Kim grew up with animals and had always admired the veterinary profession,

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VetTips: Fine and Fiddly Fracture Repair

We asked Dr Stanley Kim to give us some useful tips on fracture repair for toy breeds and cats.  This is just a taste of the amazing skills you’ll learn at the Fine and Fiddly Fracture Repair Workshop.

Tip 1: THINK TWICE before recommending external coaptation for antebrachial fractures in toy breed dogs

Distal diaphyseal antebrachial fractures in toy breed dogs are very common, and typically the result of a low impact

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Meet Specialist Dr Ann Thompson

Australia is fortunate to have many highly skilled veterinary specialists working in most specialty areas. We recently caught up with Dr Ann Thompson who has successfully combined her advanced skills in veterinary internal medicine with a passion for teaching. Let’s hear about how Ann developed her teaching skills, and her current role as a specialist in small animal internal medicine and resident mentor at Veterinary Specialist Services, Brisbane.

What inspired

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Secrets to Success in Endoscopy.. Meet Dr Julien Dandrieux

Would you like to discover the secrets to success in gastrointestinal endoscopy from a Swiss vet who loves internal medicine for the detective work it involves? Let’s get to know that vet. He’s Dr Julien Dandrieux, who hails from Lausanne, Switzerland and now works at Melbourne University.

What inspired you to become a veterinarian and then go onto specialise in small animal internal medicine?

“Not very original, but I’ve always enjoyed

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Happy New Year From Ilana Mendels!

Dear Colleagues,

I recently returned from a trip to Israel where I joined 600 other women from around the world to discuss over 8 days how our role in society influences the world. The women were remarkable; CFO’s, CEO’s business owners, cancer survivors, businesswomen, army retirees with 25 yrs experience, housewives and diplomats, divorcee’s, lesbian single mum’s from countries where its illegal to be so, grandmothers caring for foster kids,

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Meet Advanced Clinical Prize Winner Dr Melanie Catanchin

As this article goes to press, the Australasian veterinary profession welcomes many enthusiastic graduates from the class of 2018. Even though their formal university education has been completed, their veterinary education and development of life skills are really just beginning. Each year VetPrac awards the VetPrac Advanced Clinical prize to a veterinary graduate from Charles Sturt University. This prize can be used as payment for any VetPrac workshop the recipient

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Meet Dr Rich Burchell

As a kid, Dr Richard Burchell was often told that “curiosity killed the cat”! He was always possessed of an immense curiosity and was thus attracted to academia where he could be involved in solving problems and challenging existing dogma and playing a small role in advancing the discipline of veterinary science. Let’s get to know a little more about Dr Richard Burchell, or Rich as he likes to

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VetTips: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Dr Richard Burchell lends us an insight into how to effectively undertake Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in the clinic.

Tip 1: Know your equipment

Understanding exactly how your equipment works, and what its capabilities are will greatly enhance your endoscopy capabilities. Many novice endoscopists are unfamiliar with the various controls of their equipment and have a limited understanding of what it can do. This is analogous to using a smartphone for text and calls only

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You’re Just About To Graduate. What Now?

Well, first of all – CONGRATULATIONS! Your hard work and dedication over many years has led you to this point – the culmination of what for many of us, was a childhood dream – to be able to help animals and improve their quality of life. You will have forged deep connections with your peers and your brains will be packed with all of the knowledge that a vet

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Dr Ryan Leong Has Seen Both Sides Of The Table

Ryan loves to share his veterinary career on Instagram -let’s fill in the gaps on Ryan’s journey to becoming a surgical specialist, which includes standing on the other side of the VetPrac workshop table for the first time at the VetPrac Practical Skills Bootcamp Workshop in November 2018.

Ryan graduated from the University of Sydney in 2012. He did a 12-month surgical internship at Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre with Dr. Simon

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