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Happy Mothers Day from Ilana Mendels

My mum retired last week, just shy of 70yrs old. She arrived in Australia by boat when she was two as the daughter of a Chinese merchant. Her family lived above a shop in east Sydney and her mother died when my mum was just 15yrs old. She never really got to have a mum as an adult woman, and I never met my grandmother.

My Grandmother was the first

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Selling your practice? You have options! Let Simon Palmer Help You

After joining the VetPrac education team last year, we are delighted to welcome Simon Palmer back this year to VetPrac workshops in Brisbane and Sydney. Simon runs workshops and seminars on exit planning and practice sales throughout Australia, and is the founder of Australia’s largest dental and vet brokerage – Practice Sale Search. His company sells more than 60 practices a year.

Last year Simon gave us some insight into

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How Much Do You Know About Canine Rehabilitation?

Did you know…

Tip 1: Veterinarians often struggle with determining the actual source of a forelimb lameness. Patients often present with normal radiographs and a subtle lameness. Using physiotherapeutic evaluation techniques, veterinarians can now determine whether the lameness is the result of an impairment in the muscle belly, muscle-tendon interface, tendon-bone interface, joint capsule, or collateral ligaments.

Tip 2: Improper arthrokinematics cause a lack of normal range of motion. Understanding correct

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Meet The Winner of The VetPrac Advanced Clinical Prize, Megan Wright.

Meet the winner of the VetPrac Advanced Clinical Prize, Megan Wright.

Megan recently graduated from Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, and was the recipient of the VetPrac Advanced Clinical Prize valued at $1500, in 2017. The case report she submitted to be considered for the prize was on a toy poodle with Inflammatory Bowel Disease; it demonstrated a thorough, well researched, and logical approach to the clinical management

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Three Tips to Achieving Success

Tip 1: The veterinary world is driven by relationships. And relationships are driven by emotions. Veterinarians who understand the emotional aspects of practice are superior performers. They have great bed-side manners and are more likely to be able to sustain their passions into the long term. Being able to track and label our emotions and to recognise the triggers for particular emotions is an important first step to achieving success

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Meet Dr Michelle Dalli

Meet Dr Michelle Dalli, who has worked alongside Dr David Vella at Sydney Exotics and Rabbit Vets since 2010. VetPrac is excited to have Michelle as an educator at the upcoming VetPrac Rabbit Surgery and Dentistry workshop on April 27-29. Let’s get to learn what excites Michelle about working with rabbits.

What inspired you to become a veterinarian and then go onto specialise in exotics and wildlife?
From as early as

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Rabbit Surgery and Dentistry Quiz!

Would you be able to provide the best care possible for your happy hopping patients? Click here to take the quiz to see how your Rabbit Dentistry and Surgery knowledge fairs!

Or better yet, register for the Rabbit Dentistry and Surgery Workshop today. The workshop is already half full and places are selling fast so get in quick before you miss out on this great opportunity! This rabbit focused workshop will look at all that

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Passionate about bunnies.. Meet Dr Narelle Walter

Like most Australian vets that develop an interest in treating rabbits, Narelle’s passion for bunnies began in the UK, where rabbits have been popular as house pets for many years. Now settled back in Australia, Narelle concentrates exclusively on rabbits and the occasional guinea pig as both a primary and secondary opinion veterinarian. She offers routine rabbit services including desexings and routine vaccinations, as well as surgical and medical

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It Was A Calling… Backed by Scientific Evidence

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Autumn Equinox, Easter, Passover, Buddhas Festival of Teachings, Assyrian New Year, Hanuman and the Pagan festival of Spring. A time to celebrate!

But what are we celebrating? For many of these festivals we are honouring people who have made a difference in the way we live today. And it serves us well to look at our own lives and ask – are we making a difference? Interestingly,

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VetTips: Hip and Hind Limb Surgery

Tip 1:
86% of all fractures of long bones of animals less than 5 years of age occur in the femur.

The femur was the first bone in which fracture fixation was attempted and despite most femoral fractures being closed, due to the thigh musculature conservative management is consistently ineffective and should be abolished in favour of internal fixations. Preoperative splinting or bandaging creates a fulcrum and often leads to greater

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