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Dr Tania Banks at Wagga Wagga CSU

Last time we featured Dr Tania Banks in our VetPrac blog she was about to relocate from UQ in Gatton to CSU in Wagga Wagga, rural NSW. Let’s hear from Tania about how life and work have changed since the move.

You were looking forward to living close to the gym and being able to ride your bike to work. What other aspects of life in Wagga Wagga are you

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VetPrac is 10 years old!

Dear Colleagues,

This is a blog post of gratitude and love. It could go on a bit, so I want to prepare you.

The September 9th marks two important events in my personal history. Firstly, it is the 10th anniversary of the first VetPrac Workshop. Secondly, it is the beginning of the Jewish New Year which marks this date as the birth of the universe. I cannot begin to describe how auspicious

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VetTips: Practical Veterinary Skills

Tip 1: In tick toxicity, respiratory failure can occur with or without the administration of tick antiserum

In tick toxicity, respiratory failure can occur with or without administration of tick antiserum. Aspiration pneumonia is frequently encountered in patients with lung disease related to tick paralysis. Aspiration pneumonia is attributed to oesophageal, pharyngeal and laryngeal dysfunction, all of which frequently occur in patients with tick paralysis.

Despite its importance, physical examination of

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Undercover Superhero.. Meet Dr Anne Fawcett

Dr Anne Fawcett didn’t always intend to be a vet or a superhero. Her academic path through university started with an honours degree in philosophy! Many of you might wonder why Anne eventually decided to study veterinary science, or whether she actually uses her philosophy degree when practising veterinary science! Read further to find the answers to these questions, and learn more about the multi-faceted and highly talented Dr

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VetTips: Feline Surgery and Denistry

Can you say you know everything about cats? Have a read of our vettips to discover some facts you may not know!

Tip 1: FORL Update

In an Australian study, feline tooth resorption lesions was a common finding in all breeds of domestic cats. The overall prevalence was 52%, with 74% of cats over the age of six years having at least one lesion.

Tip 2: Avoid Confusion

Diagnostic confusion between lymphocytic plasmacytic gingivostomatitis and other

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Setting Clear Expectations

How do you maximise the best return on your education? Both culturally AND financially…
What key leadership principles are required to successfully implement lasting change?
What changes do YOU need to make in order for your practice to reach its full potential??

Dr Gary Turnbull from Lincoln Institute, a boutique leadership company, is here with Vlog 2 to discuss how to set expectations and apply the skills you’ve learnt to your advantage. Curious about how

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Money Talks and So Should We

“Like it or not (mostly not) talking money is the vet care team’s responsibility – from the estimate of costs of care through to the actual payment.  The discussion can vary and be fraught with guilt, awkwardness and no eye contact, to being too clinical and abrupt about the whole thing.

It’s easy to talk about set-price services, like a vaccination, and more difficult when there’s a case in hospital

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Ilana Mendels: I was a participant at a VetPrac workshop!

Dear Colleagues,

I just had the most invigorating week!

For a change, I was the one in the learning seat at the Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation VetPrac Workshop.

Having graduated 15 years ago and been out of practice for two while moving home, having a baby and managing the business I was surprised by how much I remembered! The content of the Rehabilitation Workshop I went to was very different to how

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Have You Ever Had A Colleague Trash Talk A Client?

“Have you ever worked in a setting where staff would act one way towards clients, yet bag them out as soon as they leave? Telling them one thing to their face: “you’re doing your best for Fluffy”, but turning around and telling colleagues “I can’t believe Mr Bloggs isn’t going to pursue treatment, people like that really shouldn’t have a dog.” Or worse.

You might feel like you’re taking the

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Struggling with rear end encounters? Dr Peter Delisser Can Help!

Dr Peter Delisser has always been interested in using his hands to make and fix things, so it wasn’t surprising that within a few years of graduating, his interest in veterinary science quickly turned to all things surgical. He particularly likes the surgeries he can do and immediately see a difference, like urogenital surgery.
Pete is joining the VetPrac education team this year at the Perineal and Urogenital Surgery Workshop

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