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Have You Ever Had A Colleague Trash Talk A Client?

“Have you ever worked in a setting where staff would act one way towards clients, yet bag them out as soon as they leave? Telling them one thing to their face: “you’re doing your best for Fluffy”, but turning around and telling colleagues “I can’t believe Mr Bloggs isn’t going to pursue treatment, people like that really shouldn’t have a dog.” Or worse.

You might feel like you’re taking the

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Struggling with rear end encounters? Dr Peter Delisser Can Help!

Dr Peter Delisser has always been interested in using his hands to make and fix things, so it wasn’t surprising that within a few years of graduating, his interest in veterinary science quickly turned to all things surgical. He particularly likes the surgeries he can do and immediately see a difference, like urogenital surgery.
Pete is joining the VetPrac education team this year at the Perineal and Urogenital Surgery Workshop

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Building Dreams… Meet Dr Cathy Warburton!

Cathy wrote about why someone would need a wellbeing coach on our blog in December 2016. Recently I caught up with Cathy and found out what she’s been doing in both work and play. I discovered that Cathy is a huge giver; she believes that personal achievements are great, but helping others whilst growing yourself is even better.

The first hint I got about Cathy’s giving nature was when I

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Have You Ever Had A Client Ignore You?

“I recall a clinical case where two older, no-nonsense, sensible looking ladies presented a paraplegic dachshund – let’s call this dog Fritz (not an uncommon name for a male Dachy). After taking a history and doing a physical examination, I spoke to them about the severity of the presentation and that we needed to consider work-up and probably surgery if we wanted Fritz to walk again. The ladies butted in

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Don’t worry- he’s got your back…Meet Dr. James Simcock

Growing up in high school, Dr. James Simcock didn’t know what he wanted to be. It wasn’t until a vet came to a careers night when James was in year 12 that he even considered choosing veterinary science as a profession. James states “they made it sound really appealing so I decided that I would try it. When I was at uni I changed my mind at least a

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We Care About Your Success – Introducing Lincoln Institute

One thing we love here at VetPrac, is watching our attendees succeed in the workplace as a result of the skills they’ve developed at one of our practical workshops. We care deeply about your triumphs and successes, and wish all the happiness upon your business, life, and well-being. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to be partnering up with Lincoln Institute, a boutique leadership development company that shares in those

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Vet Client Relationships In The Clinic: Cost vs Care

How do we build better vet client relationships?

Did you know.. Pet owners’ expectations that animal care considerations should come before cost considerations, combined with data that suggest provision of cost information is often lacking or not discussed early during a visit, create a paradox for veterinarians when confronting the topic of costs of care. If too much emphasis is placed on costs and compensation, the veterinarian may be

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Rehabilitation: A Lifeline to Your Patients, Practice and Career

After 12 years in the daily grind of practice ownership and being a solo veterinarian performing general medicine and surgery, I was burned out. If I had to have the flea life cycle discussion, look at an ear cytology, or discuss the puppy vaccine series one more time, I might just lose my mind.  I was ready to leave veterinary medicine all together and look for something new. The

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AVA Conference Fashion Show 2018

Who needs the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show when you have the AVA Conference! It’s not the sort of place you’d think to find to showcase some of industries’ most fashionable, but the wonderful Dr Anne Fawcett spotted and captured many wonderful snaps.  Unbeknown to many, veterinarians can be damn fashionable too.



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Why Don’t More Female Vets Become Surgeons? Meet Dr Sue Gibbons

Have you ever thought about why, despite veterinary science being a female dominated profession, there are relatively few female veterinary surgical specialists, and even less female veterinary orthopaedic surgeons? Who better to discuss this with than Dr Sue Gibbons, who has been doing primarily orthopaedics since 2002, and became a small animal surgical specialist in 2006. Sue currently runs a mobile surgical business, Specialist Surgical Solutions, servicing Brisbane and

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