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Ultrasound – A Sound ROI for Equine Vets

Don’t you wish you had a machine in your practice that printed money? Well – you do!
An Ultrasound machine used on every equine lameness case will increase the cash flow of your business by $150-600 per case depending on how you decide to price it.

If you do 4 call-outs per day you’ll earn an extra $600-$2400 per day. Which means, if you perform 20 lameness exams per week, you

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vPOP is a Surgeon’s Best Friend designed by Vets for Vets

vPOP-pro is the veterinary Preoperative Orthopaedic Planner vets have been waiting for.
If you’re a busy surgeon, needing precise planning tools that are always at your fingertips  in your pocket or at your nearest device , or if you’ve had enough of never finding the  out-of-date  fading slippery disappearing acetates  , just maybe you can’t afford an overpriced software licence with pixelated implant templates restricted to one pc that’s never

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Dr Alex Young – From UC Davis to the University of Queensland

Dr. Alex Young always imagined she’d be a horse vet. What started as a large animal ultrasound fellowship at UC Davis to hone her skills as a lameness diagnostician ended up in a specialist radiology qualification. It was the “exposure” to many different imaging modalities at UC Davis that morphed Alex from an equine vet into a specialist radiologist. Let’s hear more about Alex’s career and her passion for

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Video: CRI Canine Sports Medicine Course

Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) is coming back to Australia!

Join us at the Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation workshop. This is your opportunity to learn from the world’s best. Enrolments are open to Veterinarians, Physiotherapists and Vet nurses who work with a veterinarian certified in canine rehabilitation in their practice.

Canine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, 30-31st July 2019
This 3-day workshop contributes to the CCRT program. You can find out more by

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Meet Dr Jones, “Horses flow in the blood of the Irish.”

Meet the widely travelled Irish equine veterinarian who now calls Australia home, and whose preference for a “quiet one” has adapted to her new home’s climate and viticultural products! VetPrac is excited to welcome Dr Sue Jones to our team of educators; let’s find out a little more about Sue’s journey from Ireland to Australia.

What inspired you to become a veterinarian and then go onto further study in large

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Vet Tips for Brachycephalic and Ear Surgery

Tip 1
Post-operative monitoring, especially keeping the patient very calm, is extremely important when performing brachycephalic airway surgery.

Look to recover these patients in a quiet area, however a nurse cage-side is essential in the recovery period. Avoid stress and consider low doses of sedatives to keep them calm, for example medetomidine at low doses IV. Supplemental oxygen may be required. If significant airway distress occurs whilst the patient is oxygenated

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A Discussion With Dr. Jean Marie Denoix

VetPrac is excited to welcome Professor Jean-Marie Denoix to Australia in July 2019; he will lead the equine lameness ultrasound workshop at UQ. Dr. Denoix is considered to be the world’s foremost equine musculoskeletal system anatomist. Let’s get to know how Dr. Denoix became the guru he is, and learn about the wonderful facility in Normandy, France, CIRALE, that is his workplace.


What inspired you to become a veterinarian and

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Case Study: Bilateral fractures a common complication in toy breeds

Meet Merlin, the Chihuahua cross whose magical skills weren’t enough to prevent injury when he jumped out of a car!

Merlin was referred to Dr Peter Young for management of bilateral non-union fractures of the distal radius and ulna; a not uncommon complication of such fractures in toy breed dogs.

Merlin, an 8-year-old male Chihuahua cross presented with a history of jumping out of a car 2 months prior. Immediately after

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Nurture Your Self-Confidence & Increase Performance

Dear Colleagues,

VetPrac contributes to helping veterinarians prepare for their technical roles by offering a lot of opportunities. It’s exciting to hear about these success stories as you grow in your professional roles but confidence is an area that seems to hold us back. As high achievers we look to our exceptionally talented and trained peers or predecessors and often think – “Oh, I can’t do that. I’ll never be

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‘Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian’ Excerpt

Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian by Dr Nadine Hamilton

Psychologist Dr Nadine Hamilton, founder of the charity Love Your Pet Love Your Vet, has spent the last ten years researching why the mental wellbeing of vets has become so compromised and what can be done about it. In her new book Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian she presents an examination of the problem, the ways

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