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Take the Canine Rehabilitation Quiz

Your patient is a Neapolitan Mastiff with a fractured lateral styloid process. What joint will you be rehabilitating?

True or false? Changes in confidence, anxiety, happiness and sociability are signs that a dog may be in chronic pain.

Do you think you know the answers?

Click on the link to answer 10 multiple choice questions prepared by Dr. Janet Van Dyke, founder of the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.



Have you heard the Canine Rehabilitation

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Canine Rehabilitation Vet Tips

Thank you to Dr Janet Van Dyke from Canine Rehabilitation Institute for preparing these wonderful Vet Tips for us. Dr Van Dyke is the lead educator for the Introduction to Canine workshop in July 2020. This workshop is almost full so register today to secure your place!


Tip 1
Using physiotherapeutic evaluation techniques, veterinarians can now assess patients’ posture, muscle strength, flexibility, and passive range of motion, leading to creation of

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Management of Wildlife injured in bushfires

Given the unprecedented number of wildlife that have been injured in Australia’s recent bushfires, many vets with minimal or no experience in wildlife injury management may have been presented with injured wildlife.

Drs Bob Doneley and Alex Mastakov of UQVets Wildlife and Exotics team have kindly offered us some basic principles of treatment of injured wildlife to share with you.

Wildlife are the unfortunate victims of bushfires within Australia. Veterinarians have

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2020 Vision for The New Year

There is always a lot of talk around starting a new year, resolutions and plans. Then for most of us by the end of January where have all our plans gone?

I remember starting off in 2019 with a 24hr gym membership and was so excited. My plan, get up early before work and do 45 minutes every day. Then I was sure on the weekend, after the kids were

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The Life-Death-Life Cycle

Dear Colleagues,

Christmas is a time focusing on the life-death-life cycle. And this year it feels more palpable than usual.

I’m not Christian, as you know, but this cycle is represented in every culture and is also well understood by science. At its core – energy is never created or destroyed, it just changes form. To say it has been a tumultuous year of change is an understatement.

We are in a

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Are You Addicted Yet?

Did you know most people who attend one VetPrac workshop, attend two? Ever wondered why?

It might be that the workshop content gives them exactly what they need to treat cases in general practice successfully and with confidence.

It might be because they get to spend time with wonderfully kind and supportive specialists who want them to succeed too.

It might be because the other people at the workshop are just like

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A quick snapshot of Dr Edith Hampson and the tools of her trade

VetPrac are delighted to welcome back specialist ophthalmologists Dr Edith Hampson, Dr Martyn King and Dr Mark Billson as educators at the Practical Ophthalmology workshop on February 15-16, 2020.

I sat down with Edith recently and asked her a few questions about her career as an ophthalmologist and educator, and the single piece of equipment she deems essential in her ophthalmology practice.

Do you have a favourite surgery or procedure that

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Special announcement: VetPrac is now a Pty Ltd Company

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great joy that I get to announce that VetPrac is now a Pty Ltd company! After 12 years of being my little business baby, VetPrac has grown up. She is now an entity of her own and comes with her own ABN and everything! It’s very exciting!

In association with such a development we welcome Dr Margie McEwen to the VetPrac Team. Margie graduated Sydney Uni

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Part 2 Anaesthetic considerations during Laparoscopy

Last week we explored the impact laparoscopy has on the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems.

So how can we manage our patients’ anaesthetic to achieve the best possible outcome when performing laparoscopic procedures?

Ventilatory support in the form of intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV), with a mechanical ventilator, is recommended for patients where the procedure is anticipated to last longer than 15 minutes.


Mechanical ventilation should be commenced once the patient is

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Seeing Things Eye to Eye… Meet Dr Martyn King

Back in the mid 1980’s as a recent graduate, Dr Martyn King didn’t always see “eye to eye” with his senior veterinary associates when they were managing ophthalmic cases. 

He sensed that there must be better ways to treat many of these cases, and began a long journey towards specialisation which initially involved reading, and then moving to the UK. Martyn has worked full time in veterinary ophthalmology since 1994, and

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