Get Trained, Get Confident

Looking for a novel approach to the management of temporary tracheostomies?

Dr Kat Crosse is looking forward to the VetPrac Fix the Face workshop  in October 2-4, 2020, where she will have an opportunity to discuss with workshop participants the pros and cons of using a cool tracheostomy device that is set to replace tracheostomy tubes, and may revolutionise tracheostomies with better outcomes for our patients. Kat is a Senior Lecturer in Companion Animal Surgery at Massey University, New Zealand,

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CATastrophic Quarantine

Gee what a ride it has been so far. When restrictions hit a few months ago, it saw much of the world closed down, we started working from home if we could, and adjusting to that in itself was a mission. For the most part the veterinary world stayed much the same, so let’s have a chat about our patient’s worlds. The dogs and cats at home.

Dr Tracey

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The Power of our Veterinary Community

It has taken me a while to process the SBS Insight program on “Veterinary Care” (1). I guess the thing that really struck me about this panel of veterinarians, and the engaged audience, is that our profession is finally coming out from behind a cloak of whispers where we have failed to talk openly about the suicide rate in our profession, and even more importantly what are we going

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Prefer talking to your patients than their owners??? You are certainly not alone!

Dr Sandra Nguyen will be leading a VetPrac online course, Vet Talk, which will help you become more confident in your ability to communicate well with your clients.

Dr Sandra Nguyen achieved Diplomate status of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Oncology in 2010, but for many years prior to this enjoyed communicating well with pet owners. Sandra’s passion for effective communication began during her high school years;

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Panic AND Fear; Managing mental health

Puppies and behaviour, goes hand in hand, right? But when a dog/puppy develops behavioural issues that require medical management and training, who better to own that pet than a behavioural Vet?

Meet MERV (or ‘Mervous’ as Tracey’s friends call him).

To say he’s a handful is a bit of an understatement. It’s just as well his owner is none other than Dr Tracey Henderson – founder of Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services

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Celebrating YOU

Dearest Colleagues,

The recent events of the world have certainly impacted on both our professional and personal lives. Some have seen great highs in their clinics with little to no change in clients and revenue, whereas others have been impacted negatively. Increased stress levels, frustrations and even burn out are still extremely high on the list of concerns for many Aussie vets.  And still there is much uncertainty about the

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Challenge the Foundations for Learning

Dr Jane Day is a specialist in diagnostic imaging and has been teaching ultrasound for many years. She loves the challenge of developing new techniques for teaching. Jane also has an amazing capacity to think outside the box so that you can bridge the gap between learning and doing.

We got down to the nitty gritty with Jane and asked her about her life as a veterinarian and diagnostic imaging

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Karl Storz & An Act of Kindness

I want to share an out of the blue act of kindness with you from our wonderful training partner, Karl Storz.

Karl Storz and VetPrac joined forces in February 2020 to host a very successful workshop, Laparoscopy: Principles & Practice. Through a series of unfortunate events, timely ordering of the correct size & type of gas cylinders was not actioned. Without these cylinders, insufflation of the abdomen for laparoscopy is

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Further your surgical skills with Dr Bruce Smith

As vets we all strive to improve the quality of life of our patients. Sometimes in order to achieve this goal, our patients may require surgical procedures which are technically challenging. Surgical procedures involving the patella and stifle are often complex but rewarding. Are you up to the challenge of furthering your skills in this area?

Dr Bruce Smith enjoys the challenges involved with surgery to joints, in particular the

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Surgical Instrument Care for Vet Techs & Nurses

Veterinary technicians and nurses have exceptional educational opportunities with VetPrac. We value your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm as an essential part of the veterinary care team.

On May 27 and June 17, veterinary technicians and nurses are invited to join us online for a complimentary two part series on instrument care and maintenance presented by the wonderful Cindy Grew from B Braun. Places are limited so register now to secure

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