Get Trained, Get Confident

Don’t stress – Dr James King will be there to help you navigate to success!

VetPrac is delighted to announce that James will be joining our education team in 2019. James is a final year small animal surgical resident at Veterinary Specialist Services, Carrara, Queensland, and brings a great balance to the team. He believes in constantly challenging oneself in order to improve one’s surgical skills. We think James will be a great partner to assist you in your journey out of that comfort

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Peer Support Is Helpful But I Need More

Could a Balint Group be the more you are looking for?

You, like most of us, will have people in your workplace that you feel comfortable talking with – discussing your challenges and the times that you feel inadequate or have a poor outcome, as well as sharing your successes.

Awesome! Effective co-worker support is a partial antidote to workplace stress and we know that talking it out it is far

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VetTips Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Tip 1: There are a lot of dogs who perform or work.

Australia and New Zealand have a very large ratio of performing and working dogs enrolled in competitions or “employed” per capita.

Some of these sports include; Agility, Obedience, Tracking, Conformation, Rally, Freestyle, Flyball, Disc Dog, Dock Diving, Weight Pulling, Canine Nose Work, Lure Coursing, Greyhound Racing, Herding, Field Trials, Hunt Tests, Earth Dog Tests, Fox hunting, Pig Hunting, French Ring Sport, Mushing

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Case Study: Fracture Repair by Dr Penny Tisdall

Are you confident in your practice to repair challenging fractures in toy breeds and cats?

With the increased popularity of toy breeds, presentations of challenging fractures to veterinarians are becoming more frequent, and the skills specific to these cases are not taught at university.

The following case study, provided by Dr Penny Tisdall, a highly experienced small animal specialist surgeon, demonstrates some of the complications that might arise when repairing fractures

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Peer Support As A (Partial) Antidote To Workplace Stress

We all know using alcohol to settle down at the end of a workday or soldiering on and pretending that everything is okay when actually you are a tangle of emotions and stress, are unhelpful in managing workplace stress. And most of us now also know it can actually amplify it. So, how can we as veterinary workers, manage the emotion and stress that our work creates as we

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How Do You Manage The Tough Days In Practice?

There are some days in practice that are amazing – you see patients making progress, the team works well together, the clients love you and you even get time to have lunch and a bathroom break before you leave on time. You head home to enjoy your time with family, friends, pets and/or hobbies. Amazing!

There are other days though, that don’t feel so good and others again that

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Dr Stanley Kim Turning Fearsome Fiddly Surgery Enjoyable

Does the surgical repair of an antebrachial fracture in a Chihuahua fill you with fear? Dr Stanley Kim, a Sydney graduate who’s been part of the furniture for 12 years at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida, can turn that fear into fun and make that fearsome fiddly surgery enjoyable!

Like many vets, Dr Stanley Kim grew up with animals and had always admired the veterinary profession,

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VetTips: Fine and Fiddly Fracture Repair

We asked Dr Stanley Kim to give us some useful tips on fracture repair for toy breeds and cats.  This is just a taste of the amazing skills you’ll learn at the Fine and Fiddly Fracture Repair Workshop.

Tip 1: THINK TWICE before recommending external coaptation for antebrachial fractures in toy breed dogs

Distal diaphyseal antebrachial fractures in toy breed dogs are very common, and typically the result of a low impact

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Meet Specialist Dr Ann Thompson

Australia is fortunate to have many highly skilled veterinary specialists working in most specialty areas. We recently caught up with Dr Ann Thompson who has successfully combined her advanced skills in veterinary internal medicine with a passion for teaching. Let’s hear about how Ann developed her teaching skills, and her current role as a specialist in small animal internal medicine and resident mentor at Veterinary Specialist Services, Brisbane.

What inspired

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Secrets to Success in Endoscopy.. Meet Dr Julien Dandrieux

Would you like to discover the secrets to success in gastrointestinal endoscopy from a Swiss vet who loves internal medicine for the detective work it involves? Let’s get to know that vet. He’s Dr Julien Dandrieux, who hails from Lausanne, Switzerland and now works at Melbourne University.

What inspired you to become a veterinarian and then go onto specialise in small animal internal medicine?

“Not very original, but I’ve always enjoyed

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