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Canadian Clinical Zoom Rounds for the Vetcare Team

Jul 7th - 11th 2020


With years of teaching anaesthesia & pain management in both the US and Australia, Dr Margie Mc...
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Ongoing Veterinary Education & Training to Further Your Career

Be the best vet you can possibly be with our high quality, vocational vet training packages and workshops. With the primary aim of providing accessible and practical vet education to registered vets, VetPrac can help you further your career. We understand that in the veterinary profession, it is very important to keep up to date with the latest information and techniques – yet sometimes it can be hard to acquire the ongoing veterinary training you need. VetPrac provides a number of vocational packages and workshops throughout the year, which focus on specific aspects of animal care. All of our training courses have a strong emphasis on both professional development and patient welfare.

Information on our training course for vets

All of our veterinary training packages run over a two or three-day period. Our courses are led by extremely talented and qualified professionals who provide a “hands-on” approach. This means that there will be plenty of opportunities for you to practice the skills you have learnt throughout the course. Our vet training packages also allow you to trial any new equipment or technology that is currently available. At VetPrac, all of our vocational courses are conducted in small groups, so you will receive the one-on-one tuition you need to successfully master new skills. Our extensive courses provide ongoing veterinary training on a broad number of different topics, such as dental radiology, orthopaedics, equine veterinary science and abdominal ultrasounds.

What else do our training courses for vets offer?

Our vet training courses offer more than just a chance to learn new veterinary skills. By combining our courses with dinners and other activities, we provide vets with the opportunity to socialise – something that eludes many of our vets who work in remote areas. At VetPrac our vet education and training workshops are designed by vets, for vets – so you can be certain that you will get a lot out of any course you choose to take part in.

Veterinary training is vital to keep up to date with ongoing developments in the veterinary field. If you would like to participate or want to know more about our ongoing vocational vet education and training packages, please feel free to contact our friendly team today on 040 974 3100.