Kate Drew


Dr Drew is one of VetPrac’s very welcoming hosts and assists with some of the behind the scenes office work.  Don’t let that innocent smile fool you. Kate is a serious career woman with a passion for success.  Not only is she a veterinarian having obtained her BVSc (First Class Honours) in 2013, she also has a combined law and communications degree making her a very unique asset to the VetPrac team.  In addition, she is a member of several animal ethics committees too!


She brings an honest and colourful point of view to the VetPrac team having firsthand experience being a vet in a small animal clinic.  Kate enjoys working for VetPrac because it offers the flexibility and support she needs to face the challenges that come with balancing a career and young family. Since joining the team over a year ago, she loves “the way it offers vets and nurses the chance to learn in a different way. I also love the diverse range of topics offered, so that you can develop both your soft and technical skills” says Kate.Although she’s been doing just fine without it, if


Although she’s been doing just fine without it, if Dr Drew could have any power in the world, it would be to read animals’ (and toddlers’) minds!….We think IF you ever did acquire this skill, many parents and vets worldwide would be knocking down your door!  When she gets some down time, she really enjoys reading. Her favourite books include the “My brilliant friend” series by Elana Ferrente, Sara Gruen’s “Water for Elephants” and Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”. Also, despite how busy she is, she’ll always make time for her family and her furry loved ones.  She lives with a very demanding (and hungry) tuxedo moggie called Billie Jean, a firecracker of a DMH called Amy Winehouse and an impossibly sweet but absolutely anxious Great Dane cross, called Archer.


Kate has a love for horses and although she already has a full house, VetPrac hopes that one day she will have her very own horse so she too can care for all creatures great and small!


To contact Dr Kate Drew please email her at: kate@vetprac.com