Our Team


Alena Felkai

You’ll see Dr. Alena Felkai’s friendly face and experience her charming personality at the VetPrac workshops. She has been with us for less than a year and is settling in nicely. When she’s not at the workshops or working at … Continue reading


Amanda-Lee Charman

Dr. Amanada-Lee Charman is one of VetPrac’s casual facilitators and has been a loyal team member for the last 8 years. She is a true leader in so many ways!  Not only is she a full-time veterinarian at a small … Continue reading


Ilana Mendels

Dr Ilana Mendels isn’t just another animal advocate with the talent to excel in the veterinary community.   Ilana has a background in informal education and a certificate for youth leaders from abroad. She was the national head of education … Continue reading


Jess Taylor

Meet Jess…. Whether it’s organising the workshops, working in the warehouse, being the women behind the computer, or sorting out whatever needs to be done…Jess is on it as Ilana’s personal assistant. She is no stranger to the veterinary world. … Continue reading


Kate Drew

Dr Drew is one of VetPrac’s very welcoming hosts and assists with some of the behind the scenes office work.  Don’t let that innocent smile fool you. Kate is a serious career woman with a passion for success.  Not only is … Continue reading


Makiko (Maki)

Maki has a Bachelor of Arts degree and is VetPrac’s very talented bookkeeper.  She has been with us for about a year and when she’s not balancing the budget, she is chasing around her very handsome 2 year old son … Continue reading


Mojgan Nazari

Many of you might recognize Dr. Nazari’s charming smile as she works her magic hosting many of our VetPrac workshops.  She is quite the academic and brings a lot of knowledge to the team being a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine … Continue reading



Tyng is a bit of a mystery to all of us and we are not quite sure what his actual “position” is a VetPrac, but he has been helping the team out in all different ways since 2015.  Don’t let … Continue reading


Yumiko Fujimoto

Yumiko is VetPrac’s very own workshop assistant and has been with the team for over 4 years. Let me tell you something, this girl means business! Yumiko has a Diploma of Business Management, a B.A. English and a certificate in … Continue reading