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A is for Accounting, B is for Business…P is for Dr. Paolo Lencioni.

Meet Dr. Paolo Lencioni. After graduating veterinary school in South Africa, Dr. Lencioni worked as a veterinary surgeon in the UK before opening his own clinic. Whilst working as a vet, he was able to obtain a Diploma in Computer Applications Programming and a Masters in Professional Accounting. Since then he has worked as an accounting software consultant, founded ‘VillageBee’ which produced BeeFree, a veterinary practice management system, and

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“It’s not your business”…..says Simon Palmer after he helps you sell it!!!

Simon Palmer has a Bachelors of Arts, a Bachelor of Economics and is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Business Broker. He has extensive experience working in healthcare recruitment and practice sales, and is founder of Australia’s largest dental and vet brokerage- Practice Sale Search. His company sells more than 60 practices a year, and runs workshops and seminars on exit planning and practice sales throughout Australia.
VetPrac would like

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The Path of a Specialist – Meet Dr Andrew Levien

In vet school, Dr. Levien was worried about becoming a surgeon, but he made the cut…Just Kidding.

Some people stumble through life, whereas others have a clear vision of who they are and what they want to become. The latter was the case for Dr. Andrew Levien.  Growing up around dogs and horses and spending large amounts of his spare time being a spectator at an equine specialist surgical facility

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VetTips: TTA & Stifle Surgery

Tip 1: What is the leading reason for lameness in dogs- that’s right, cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) disease!

Approximately 70% of dogs presented for hind limb lameness that weigh more than 18kg are most likely to suffer from a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament.

Tip 2: The importance of the CCL

The CCl is composed of two parts:

1. The craniomedial band – this band is taut in flexion and extension

2. A larger caudolateral

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VetTips: Equine Nerve Blocks & Lameness

Tip 1:Signalment influences differential diagnosis in equine lameness. For example a common clinical presentation is proximal metacarpal pain but the causes often differ if the patient is a sports horse or racehorse. In a racehorse the primary suspicion may be primary suspensory desmitis, while in a racehorse and avulsion fracture is higher up the differential list.
Tip 2:
The calcaneal bursa ACTUALLY has two components!
1: A bursa underneath the gastroc tendon

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Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy – Top Tips

Tip 1: What is the benefit of prehab and rehab?
Prehab: Sometimes prehab is considered a luxury but it can certainly make rehab easier. The better the range of motion, flexibility and strength prior to surgery, the easier and faster the rehab will be. Therefore working on these 3 areas, well within the comfort level of the patient, is a great advantage.
Rehab: Rehab can be broken down into 3 phases;

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BRAND NEW Canine Sports & Rehab Quiz

Dear Colleagues,

We know how much you LOVE our quizzes – we have HUNDREDS of you take our quizzes each and every month.

We’ve put together another Canine Sports & Rehabilitation quiz that you’re going to really enjoy.

Click here to take part in the quiz and but your knowledge to the test!

As you may already know VetPrac is hosting the Canine Sports And Rehabilitation Therapy Workshop – Jan 28th – 1st

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Why would somebody need a coach?

Written by Dr Cathy Warburton

Ah – a good question indeed. I am sure we all know people that have had fantastic careers without the need for any paid input. I was one of them. I was happy to bounce ideas off colleagues, family and friends and overall it went pretty well. But recently, I have got to wondering just how different things might have been had I met regularly

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Brand New TTA & Stifle Surgery Quiz

Dear Colleagues,

We’ve put together a BRAND NEW TTA & Stifle Surgery Quiz.

We’d love for you to give it a go, put your thinking caps on and see how you rank against your colleagues!

Click here to take the quiz and we wish you good luck!

The quiz is completely anonymous.


Dr Ilana Mendels

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Arbutus Medical Drill Cover System

We came across this groovy practical drill cover and thought you might be interested. Here’s what the company has to say about it..

The Drill Cover System is an orthopedic surgical solution so that sterile surgery can be performed by small and large animal veterinarians.

Key features:
// 100% Sterile
// Excellent Quality
// Reusable
// Economical

The Drill Cover completely envelopes a hardware drill so that it is completely sterile for orthopedic surgery.

Can I use

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