Get Trained, Get Confident

I’m being kidnapped!

Seriously – My fiancee told me on Friday that I’m to pack for hot and cold weather and that I’m going on a plane. I don’t need a passport and the baby is not coming. My mother in-law is looking after her for 3 nights and 4 days.

VetPrac will be cared for by my trustworthy assistants and I’m to close down my computer and turn my mobile phone off

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Making The Right Suture Decisions

Natural, synthetic, braided, twisted, monofilament, Polydioxanone, Glyconate, Polypropylene, absorbable, non-absorbable, pseudo-non absorbable, hydrolysis, enzymatic, taper, reverse cutting, trocar, micropoint, straight, 1/2 circle, 3/8th circle, 5/8th circle…no, you’re not reading a list of website keywords to improve your google search hits (well, maybe you are). My point is, to the untrained individual, understanding sutures well enough to make a confident decision is daunting. Add to this the expectations of the

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VetTips: Locking Plates

Tip 1:

Surgical Approaches to the humerus are technically demanding because of important neurovascular structures on the lateral and medial aspects of the bone and a large amount of surrounding musculature. Many options are suitable for fracture fixation and the decision making is based around the following considerations:
– type of fracture
– patient age, size and nature
– surgeons experience
– implants available
– expense of the procedure

Tip 2:

Whether by choice or necessity any

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There is no surgery that she can’t fix or face….Meet Dr. Orly Zemer

The pursuit of helping animals is worldwide and the compilation of specialists coming together to help general practitioners learn more couldn’t be more welcomed by VetPrac. Dr. Orly Zemer, a Small Animal Surgery Specialist, has focused her life around fixing animals. Trying to embrace the “no worries” state of mind, Dr. Zemer is relocating her life from Israel to Australia to join the University of Melbourne, U-Vet Werribee Animal

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He Puts The ‘Special’ in Specialist.. Meet Dr. Charles Kuntz

Everyone finds inspiration in different forms. Some will be inspired after attending a VetPrac workshop, while others will find it in a painting, or reading an article. For Dr. Kuntz it came to him from his father, a human cardiovascular surgeon, who would often discuss his latest cases. Although Charles’ father ignited an interest, it wasn’t until Charles took his dog to the local Vet School for treatment

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It’s our birthday! | 1 Day Special Discount

It’s our birthday! 🎂🎉

Today we are celebrating 8 years of running practical workshops for practical vets. Don’t worry though! You don’t need to get us anything. In fact, we wanted to give you a gift!

For TODAY ONLY, save $150 off ALL VetPrac workshop registrations.

***** How to SAVE *****
Use the code: BIRTHDAY and register for any VetPrac workshop before 23:59 tonight and you will automatically receive a

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Don’t worry- he’s got your back…Meet Dr. James Simcock

Growing up, Dr. James Simcock didn’t know what he wanted to be in high school. It wasn’t until a vet came to a careers night when he was in grade 12 that he even considered being a veterinarian as a profession. James states “ made it sound really appealing so I decided that I would try that. When I was at uni I changed my mind a dozen times

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Dr. Tania…Someone you can “Bank” on!

What makes you win the award for the best lecturer for 4th-year students at the University of Queensland?… A splash of surgery, mixed with a pinch of oncology, stir in more than a dozen published papers and ta-da!… you get Dr Tania Banks.

Dr Banks knew from a young age (14 years old to be exact) that she wanted to be a veterinarian. After graduating from vet school from the

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“Work seems like play to me. I can’t believe I actually get paid to do it.” Meet Dr Brian Beale

Dr. Beale is an extraordinary man with many talents.  His supernatural ability in the veterinary world is so impressive that he’s not only a surgeon, a mentor, an educator and a radio talk show host, but also a TV celebrity!

We got to have an exclusive interview with Dr Beale and here are the best bits…

He knew from a young age that veterinary medicine was the path for him.  He was

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What drives Dr. Preston’s drill?…

Dr. Chris Preston (BVSc (hons), MACVSc, FACVSc, DACVS) is the owner and director of Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre in Victoria ( and has been a specialist surgeon in private practice for over 20 years. In addition, he is a fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists and has numerous orthopaedic publications internationally which include topics on TPLO surgery, arthroscopy and hip replacements.

VetPrac got the

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